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New Mixtape: Robert Glasper 'Fuck Yo Feelings' | Rap Radar

Why the change?.Robert Andre Glasper is an American pianist and record producer.The mixtape features contributions from Yasiin Bey (the former Mos Def, a longtime Glasper collaborator), Denzel Curry, Rapsody, Herbie Hancock, Terrace Martin, YBN Cordae, Bilal, Andray Day, and Mick Jenkins, among many others.This is just a way to fit a lot of different projects into one place over a few days for each one so people have a chance to see different things at one time.Tracklist: 01 – Intro 02 – This Changes Everything 03 – Gone 04 – Let Me In 05 – In Case You Forgot 06 – Indulging In Such 07 – Fuck Yo Feelings 08 – Endangered Black Woman 09 – Expectations 10 – All I Do 11 – Aah Whoa 12 – I Want You 13 – Trade In Bars Yo 14 – DAF Fall Out 15 – Sunshine 16 – Liquid Swords 17 – DAF FTF 18 – Treal 19 – Cold.

Robert Glasper Announces 'Fuck Yo Feelings' Mixtape

On June 16, 2015, The Robert Glasper Trio released the album Covered, which features instrumental covers of songs from an eclectic variety of well-known artists, including Radiohead, John Legend, Kendrick Lamar, and Joni Mitchell.Below, check out the documentary, the tracklist and the lineup of shows planned for Glasper’s Blue Note residency.Affion Crockett)  2.Affion Crockett 2.The latter weekend-long salute was presented in partnership with the Save the Music Foundation, benefiting its J Dilla Music Tech Grant.

robert glasper trioRobert Glasper - Fuck Yo Feelings (CD) - Amoeba Music

The album features guest vocals and spoken-word appearances by Bilal and Mos Def.The album arrives during Glasper’s month-long residency at NYC’s Blue Note Jazz Club.Vincente Archer & Damion ReidOct 10 – Robert Glasper Acoustic Trio feat.Andra Day and Staceyann Chin) 09.Fuck Yo Feelings comes from a two-day studio session.Have you penciled in a new studio album yet?.Sunshine (feat.The sprawling structure of Fuck Yo Feelings suffers from the same excess that blighted the hip-hop mixtape market during the 2000s, when shunting 20 or 30 tracks onto a project was erroneously seen as a smart hustle rather than something likely to exhaust a listener.

Robert Glasper - Fuck Yo Feelings Double LP + Digital ...

It’s got a lot going on.Baby Rose and Rapsody) 10.In an August 2018 radio interview Glasper accused Lauryn Hill, who he had performed with once in 2008, of ″stealing″ music for her classic 1998 album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.Robert Glasper.He’s also been known for years for merging the worlds of hip hop and jazz, and this mixtape does that more explicitly than he ever has before.Read more about Glasper’s 2018 Blue Note residency and his various projects in this spotlight from the December 2018 issue of Relix.

robert glasper songsReview: Robert Glasper New Mixtape 'Fuck Yo Feelings ...

It was recorded in New Orleans.Vincente Archer & Damion Reid 10/10 – Robert Glasper Acoustic Trio Feat.Over the years, he’s worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Q-Tip, J Dilla, Mac Miller, and, yes, Kendrick Lamar.I always lick my musical finger, put it up in the air and see where the wind blows me.  Aah Whoa (feat.He has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, has won three Grammys and an Emmy Award.Among the mixtape’s indelible moments is the title track featuring Yebba and “Expectations” featuring Baby Rose and Rapsody.

Robert Glasper - Fuck Yo Feelings | Banquet Records

Baby Rose + Rapsody) 10.But listening to Fuck Yo Feelings for the first time, it doesn’t sound like some kind of premeditated, triangulated brand-expansion exercise.It’s a cringe fest.After you do this, you will be able to always log in to http://www.  Treal (feat.Mick Jenkins) 05.Robert Glasper.Here, the Grammy-winning musician and producer shares the end result of a two-day studio session with 19 recordings.Fuck Yo Feelings (feat.Two things made me feel that way.Mick Jenkins) 05.For a moment, there’s a seamless blend between vocal tone and musical backing.

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